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Network Marketing Business ( Stop promoting the Hype and Bullshit )

Network Marketing Businesses

I am so sick and tired of all the Hype and bullshit of today's Network Marketing businesses. I have had so many people tell me how they can guarantee me thousands of dollars per month if I join their business.

I don't understand why people would recruit their prospects with hype and bullshit . I think I know a great way to describe that type of recruiting . It's simply, lying and stealing. If they are just trying to get money out of people so they can advance in the company they are promoting, that is just wrong. I don't know how else to put it.

I recently had an experience like this happen to me, I answered someones personal message that said he was a professional coach and mentor with the same company I was promoting, and that if I paid him $1100.00 for his coaching and training that I would be making 5 - $ 7,000 per month in 90 days. That was just Hype and bullshit.

Why I even believed such a story I don't know. When I told him I did not have that kind of money, he said I needed to find a way to get it, borrow it from family or friends put it on a credit card. He guaranteed me that I would be making enough money to pay it back in 90 days. So stupid me borrowed the money. I started trainings with him over the phone, and everything he was telling me to do cost more and more money. I gave all the money to him, I did not have anymore to be putting out on all of the tools he said I needed to succeed.

Almost 30 days into my phone trainings I was getting no where . Every time I asked him for help with anything, he had no Idea what he was doing, Kinda hard to teach something if you do not know how to do it yourself. It turns out all of the information he gave me was being given away on line for free, and if I had the money I paid him, I would have had the money to get the tools I needed.

The point of this story is, Don't believe all the hype and bullshit that people are feeding you. Do your own research and don't get suckered like I did. I hope my personal story will stop you from falling victim to the Hype and bullshit of Network marketing businesses.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How To Setup Affiliates In Mlsp

How To Setup Affiliates In Mlsp

I hope this video, How to set up your MLSP affiliates In MLSP Helps you.

Looking for Real Time MLM Leads (quality MLM leads) for your home based business? You can accomplish this by discovering how to generate MLM Lead System Pro (MLSP) success using the trainings provided.

But, let me ask you a question… Do people join YOU… or are they more interested in your products and compensation plan? If you’re a believer in Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring, you know the answer is they join YOU. And, if you DON’T believe that… how’s your marketing working for you?

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Funny Cats ( In Memory of Moekuba )

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Funny Cats In memory of our cat Moekuba. and our crazy cat Max. I hope you enjoy. Funny Cats are the best.

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Get It On - Fast Adult Friend Finder

Get It On - Fast Adult Friend Finder

This blog was designed to assist adults in finding the perfect Mate. I hope you will find it helpful.I will continually update this Blog with as many articles as I can relating to adult friend finding.
Get it on - Fast adult Friend Finder.   I believe  is the best place to find adult friend finder websites.

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Tree Hugger

Tree Hugger, The Definition

An environmentalist or one who believes trees and all living things should not be cut down or harmed. Someone who works to protect the environment from destruction or pollution.

Melaleuca will be able to help with this.

all other consumer product companies followed our lead in selling concentrated products with less packaging waste, each year landfills in North America would have 890 million tons less plastic waste. For perspective that's enough to fill the entire state of Delaware with a 3 foot layer of plastic each year!

Tree Hugger Definition #2

A tree hugger is someone who cares about the only thing in the world that gives us oxygen...they want to save trees from people that dont recognize the importance of them.

Our Focus Has Always Been on Environmental Wellness
At Melaleuca, we were green long before being green was popular. For 23 years, we've been leading the way in selling concentrated products and preserving nature's resources. Listen to how we lead the way in environmental wellness.

Tree Hugger Definition # 3

A man or a woman who's dating someone WAAAAY older than he/she is. Most likely someone with children with his/her husband/wife away. This term came to life through comparing an old tree with a partner the person is having.

Tree Hugger Definition #4

A person who measures the DBH (diameter at breast height)of a tree before it is harvested. When they use their foresters tape to measure trees, they wrap the tape around the tree which makes them look like they are hugging the tree.

For more information Click Here
Ron and Laura Perkins
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cute Kitty Pics / Business Bashing 101

    Nice Ducky              Kitty in a Pail              See yourself as you are

Cute kitten Helps Ron and Nate with Network Marketing.

In today's world there is a lot of personal Business bashing of other businesses. If we bash other company's, it does not help build our business, It puts a bad taste in our mouths about the business's they are representing.

Do we want people to look down on our company because of how others are representing it. I hope not. Let's all be respectful to other company's, in turn they will be respectful to us. Be sure you have your kitty helping you build your business.   Please Business Bashing

If you need help building your networking business go to.

To your success,
Ron and Laura Perkins Visit        

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Conquer The Internet DVD Testimonial - MLSP

How Would You Like To Conquer The Internet For Your Business?
Network Marketing is a great industry; this industry alone has created more millionaire’s than any other industry. Average people like you and me are building their business using the internet.
The difficulty most people find when trying to build their business is they truly don’t know what to do. The internet is a maze of information and if you don’t find the right path you could easily get lost.
You will literally find yourself at your computer spending hours and never accomplishing anything.
If you truly want to “Conquer The Internet” you must know the concepts and strategies that will allow you to get results for your internet business. You can’t apply offline strategies to online marketing it simply doesn’t work.

To find out more information     Click Here

Blogging For Beginners

Are you absolutely sick of all the get rich quick hype, losing your hard earned cash on Google Adwords and finding it hard to even make a single dollar in profit online?

I bet you are!

I often receive emails from people just like you who are struggling to make a living online. You've bought existing systems and courses but you just can't seem to make it work. You've dropped two thousand into advertising on Google but haven't seen any profit.

Maybe you've spent days optimizing your website for the search engines, only for them to ignore your site totally.

When I hear the stories I often write back...

It's NOT Your Fault!

You see, most of the information you read online now is just total garbage and it falls into two categories. The info is either old and no longer works or it is just plain theory that hasn't been tested.

It gets me angry that people are wasting hard earned money on untested ideas in the slight hope things will work out. The cold truth is that... It Won't!

Most of the so call systems the guru's push you are don't work.


There is some good news.

I'm coming out from the underground after many months of quietly earning thousands with my new blogging methods to reveal to you... The little guy, the real proven techniques to making an easy six figures every year from creating long term blogs... Seven figures if you want to work hard.


I'm just sick of seeing all the bad... completely wrong information about blogging and making money online that I feel it would just not be fair for me to stay underground earning a fortune while you fail.

You see... I've been right where you have... No success, in debt and working like crazy trying to make this 'internet thing' work.

Now you're lucky because I didn't have anyone willing to tell me the truth like you have today... It took countless hours of wasting my time on the 'gurus' systems to figure out it wouldn't work and then hundreds of hours developing my own profitable system that could be repeated again and again.

Today You're About To Discover The Truth!

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How To Make Money for Free


Please Click Here To Learn More     This is a no Brainer

Welcome To Data Network Affiliates
Our mission is to turn data into dollars.

The data collection business: did over $14 Billion in revenue last year; A 12 point record on an individual is worth up to $35.00 and a 7 point record on a business is worth up to $10.00; The Direct Marketing Association says companies spent $191 billion last year on direct- response advertising. The category that includes direct mail and telephone solicitations produced $1.7 trillion in revenue.

Automobile and Truck Tags: are just the tip of the iceberg and are only Phase One of the Data Network Affiliates simple plan of action... Phase Two will be even more profitable and just as simple to obtain…

The Department of Justice reported: 797,500 children (younger than 18) were reported missing in a one-year period of time studied resulting in an average of 2,185 children being reported missing each day; 203,900 children were victims of family abductions; 58,200 children were victims of non- family abductions; ONLY 492 children Since 1997, has the AMBER Alert program been credited for safe recovery. DNA could help in such safe recoveries at a fraction of cost of Amber Alert... If DNA help save ONE MORE CHILD it’s worth it?

16 Reasons To Join Today

   1. Never have a boss!
   2. Make your own hours!
   3. No meetings to go to!
   4. No phone calls to make!
   5. No spamming anyone!
   6. No inventory!
   7. No supplies to buy!
   8. No leads to follow up!
   9. It’s recession-proof!
  10. Work from home!
  11. Time with your family!
  12. Financially stable!
  13. No special skills needed!
  14. No office to commute to!
  15. It’s mathematically guaranteed!
  16. Start making money in days!

"Show Me The Money"

It's As Simple As "TAG YOUR IT". There are no commissions paid for the act of sponsoring people into The DNA Opportunity. All commissions are based on DATA COLLECTION and on the sale of products and services offered by The D.N.A. Company.

PERSONAL PRODUCTION TAG BONUS: YOU Earn? $25 PERSONAL CERTIFICATION BONUS by TAGGING 20 CARS within your 1st 30 days with DNA. YOU Earn $2 TAGGING 20 CARS monthly thereafter.

PERSONAL? TEAM PRODUCTION TAG BONUS: YOU Earn $25 on each person You Personally TAG who TAGS 20 CARS in their 1st 30 days with DNA.

PERSONAL 5 level GROUP TAG BONUS: YOU Earn $2 on every person within 5 levels who TAGS 20 CARS in their 1st 30 days.

100% MATCHING BONUS: YOU Earn a 100% Matching Bonus on all of the Group Bonus earnings of everyone you have Personally TAGGED.

50% CLIENT BONUS: YOU Earn 50% of any gross sales made to any clients who you have personally TAGGED.

50% REWARD BONUS: YOU Earn all or part of 50% of any reward paid by any client when a TAG you have Personally TAGGED leads to a reward. If more than one person TAGGED such TAG then the reward will be divided equally.

TOP TEN TAGGER BONUS: Each month the Top Ten Taggers for each calender month will divide 1% of the company's gross monthly sales.


YOU TAG 20 = $25
YOU TAG 10 WHO TAG 20 = $250

1st LEVEL 200 TAGS = $20
2nd LEVEL 2,000 TAGS = $200
3rd LEVEL 20,000 TAGS = $2000
4th LEVEL 200,000 TAGS = $?????
5th LEVEL 2,000,000 TAGS = $??????

Since an opportunity like this has never entered the world of network marketing we can only show you how much you will earn on personal & group effort.

Since there is really no way of knowing how many data collectors you will personally find that will do it... It is impossible to give you any true examples...

What we will do is post the top fifty or more monthly results so everyone can get a good idea of what is actually happening in the field...

The most exciting bonus we offer is the 100% MATCHING BONUS... by creating 10 DNA Active...

IMPORTANT Monthly Qualifications

ACTIVE AFFILIATE: In order to qualify for any management or group bonuses you must have a minimum of 20 tags that you have personally entered into your back office in the same month for which management or group bonuses could have been earned.?

100% MATCHING BONUS: In order to qualify for a 100% Matching Bonuses on the group income bonus received by any person you personally sponsor. You must have ten or more active affiliates in the same month for which matching bonuses could have been earned.

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Green DIY Energy - Review

Does Green DIY Energy Live up to It's Claims? Brutally Honest Review.

Note that this is just a review though, if you were looking for the official Green DIY Energy website then Click Here

What’s Included “in the box

1:  How-to energy guide - Introduction to creating electricity on a small scale, how to find solar cells for free or at a reduced cost, where to get your materials and how to maintain your solar panel system.

2: How-to build your own solar panel – Detailed plans, instructions, diagrams and images. The panel in these instructions cost only $94 for parts.

3: How-to mount and install your solar panels – Gives you several options for installing your panels and step-by-step professional instructions to help you finish the installation correctly.

4:  Instruction videos – Clear, concise, easy to follow and entertaining; these videos make it look easy.

5: How to build your own wind turbine – This guide will show you how to build one for less than $140.

6: Energy Consumer Guide - Guide to help you determine how much you can save with solar power energy.

7: Solar tax credits and rebates

8: Unlimited membership and updates for life

9: E-mail technical support and support forum

The Bad Stuff:
There’s no such thing as PERFECT and this product does have it’s shortcomings.Much of the information can be found on the internet. I have scoured Google for information on how to build your own PV panels and windmills and there is ton’s of information out there, but if you want a complete guide that takes you step by step with videos, plans, and sources for materials, you’ll need to purchase a complete system online.

Inability to get a refund. There are a few people on the internet who have reported that they were unable to get a refund.  Unfortunately every one of those people could have gotten their refund if they only knew how.  You don’t need to get permission from the author to get your money back; all you have to do is ask for it by looking up your order and opening up a trouble-ticket through Clickbank.  Here’s the link: Get your Refund Here

Getting off the grid can be expensive – Depending on your electricity needs, you may need to build several dozen PV panels to replace your power company for primary use.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t start saving now with just a couple of panels and then build your system up over time.  If you live in an area that’s often windy you can also offset your costs by building a wind turbine or two.

Green DIY Energy seems expensive. Actually it’s competitively priced and well worth the cost for what you are getting.  Especially compared to other products on the market.  Even so I’ve added over $100 worth of bonus material that you can download as part of the package when you order through this website.  (See details below).

The Good Stuff:
It works, plain and simple as that. Solar panels have been around for years and we know they work  and so do wind turbines.  There is no reason on God’s green earth why we all can’t have our own free renewable energy.

You can start your system with very little money and only a few hours of work. Anytime you want to expand your system it’s as easy as adding another panel or wind turbine and a few more batteries
Many people like to build portable systems for camping or travel. Free electricity can be harnessed anywhere.

Building your own system can be fun and educational. I feel empowered knowing that I personally possess the technology to create electricity anytime I want.

Excellent Video Production. The videos are professional quality with bright, well lighted environments and good audio quality.  I was impressed with the narration and step-by-step instructions.  With Green DIY Energy, anyone that can watch a video and follow simple instructions can start benefiting from free renewable energy today.

Green DIY Energy, I Believe is the best system Available Today.
Worry-free assembly. Extreme care has been taken to make sure that safety is the highest priority in every aspect and step of the build process.

Bonuses you won’t get anywhere else – including an exclusive parts supplier list, where to get batteries for cheap, how to consume less electricity and $100 in exclusive bonus materials when you buy from this website.

Full 60 day 100% Money Back Guarantee – If you do happen to have a problem with Green DIY Energy and want a refund all you have to do is request one through Clickbank.  I know this works because I’ve done it myself with other products that I was not happy with.  Just make sure you save/print your receipt!

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Family, The Most Important Thing In Life

7 Steps to Building a Strong Family.

1. Strong families make it a priority to spend time together, and are committed to each other. This does not have to mean organizing great days out, but doing everyday tasks such as running errands, household chores or playing games together. Have a notice board in a prominent place in your home, with a daily REMINDER that your family comes first. This may seem crazy, but our hectic lifestyles with work and school mean we can frequently forget to take time out and work on our family relationships.

2. Ask yourself, why am I so busy? What am I doing, and is it helping to strengthen our family, or causing us to be apart more often? Is what I am doing really worth it? You may find that, when you stop and think about it, there may be activities you can cut out, or you may find ways of managing your time more effectively.

3. Some of those issues that have been important to you, on reflection, you may be able to re-prioritize. For example, household chores, like cleaning, or not allowing your kids to do 'messy' activities like painting or cooking. Being less fastidious about such issues may unlock time for being together and having fun.

4. Is your child attending lots of after-school clubs? Some parents like to feel that their child is constantly occupied and gaining new interests, and this is great, if that is what they are really doing. If a child loves doing many activities, that is good, but some children like to have time-out to relax at home, and often, following one or two interests or hobbies allows them to appreciate and put more time into them than to cram lots of interests into their routine.

5. Switch the television off. Make space to talk to each other. It may be a nice activity to watch a program together, but generally watching TV is not a social activity. In fact, more often than not, it gets in the way of social interaction.

6. Aim to have at least one meal a day together as a family. This is a difficult one if you have teenagers who have an active social life of their own, but however possible, make sure everyone gets together to talk about their day, share ideas, thoughts and feelings. It may require a change in mealtimes to accommodate everyone, or a new 'number one rule of the house'.

7. Try to establish something your whole family enjoys doing together, like a hobby, or a form of exercise, cycling or hiking. This can give a common interest that all can enjoy together and talk about. If you've got a difficult teenager, then find his or her motivation, and organize some days and activities for the whole family around that.

As parents you are the 'figureheads' of the family, so the responsibility is yours to bring the family together. Doing so will bring you closer, help you to enjoy your family, and hopefully give your children some great memories as well as examples to follow when they are grown up and have children of their own!

Let's  make time for family.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

How To Manage Your Time In Network Marketing

One of the hardest parts of working from home is one that many people don't realize. It's managing your time. Sure, working from home can be a godsend. After all, what's better than working around your own schedule and spending more time with the family? But sometimes, these things can actually interrupt you. The family still needs taken care of, groceries bought, errands run, and dinner made. The best thing to do is follow a few tips to managing your time better.

To start, figure out what time you can get the most done, and when you feel the best during the day. Some people are morning risers and feel great at 6am. Still others feel their best after a long morning and leisurely lunch. Use whatever time works for you as the time to do your work. That way you can do the best job possible.

If you have children, try to make this their time to do activities that you are not needed for. Set up the game system, pop in a favorite movie or get out the art kit. If you have older kids, enlist their help in watching the kids while you work. You should also try to teach your kids to not disturb you when you are trying to work. Unfortunately, this is probably not going to happen as well as you would like, but trying to set some boundaries may help a little.

When you figure out the times that you can get the most work done, set your schedule and make a list of what you need to accomplish. By having your work outlined for you, right in front of you, you can focus more on getting it done. Stick to this schedule until it is completed. If you work on the computer, do not allow yourself to get distracted by unnecessary things. So many men and women who work at home on the Internet let themselves wander off to browse the news, message boards, chat rooms, etc. If this is a problem, designate a time for your day to do only this. That will help you feel that you are not missing anything.

After you have accomplished what you planned to for the day, take an extra few minutes to write up an outline of your next day's work. That way, when you get the time again, you can jump right in. Following these few simple tips will allow you to manage your time the best for your home based work.

How Not to Fail In MLM/MLM: Do Most People Fail?   Do most people fail at network marketing? How can MLM's get away with claiming that everyone can succeed? Learn what you need to know before you consider joining an MLM company.

MLM Business Opportunity

9 steps  to remember:

1. Avoid Scams  2. Get On The Phone 3. Its Never That Easy
4. Your Mindset 5. Find A Leader 6. Don’t Be Pressured
7. Focus 8. Give It Time 9. Hold Yourself Accountable

To your Success,

Ron and Laura Perkins

Homemade Energy Review - Scam?

Homemade energy is it a waste of time and money? I would have to say no. I spent less than four whole days converting my whole house to an off grid power source. The power source was the solar panels which I was able to make by myself at home. I looked on eBay for cheap solar panels and wasn't able to find any that were reasonable priced. Through my disappointment with eBay I was able to come out on top and make my own for less than $150 which is really cheap.

I now power most of the electronic equipment in my house through the solar generator I was able to make. My TV, washing machine, fridge, freezer and even half of the lights in my house are now powered from free renewable energy. I thought it took some kind of genius to make this happen but in reality all I needed was a step by step guide.
My current electric bill for this month was only five dollars, pretty amazing isn't it? I was used to paying over two hundred a month for the cost of electricity. The part that I am most proud of though isn't the money I am saving during this repression but rather the fact that I am helping to fight global warming. I was really concerned about the effect of global warming and decided that investing money into renewable resources was a good idea. Solar panels provided me with the extra relief I needed to help save money for my kid education. I am trying to spread the word now about these alternative renewable resources. We all need to do our part to help fight global climate change and why not save money while we are at it.

The guide I purchased came with a money back guarantee which was an amazing benefit just in case it didn't work. It was a nice little comfort knowing I could return it if it did not live up to my standards but it did and it was worse worth every penny. Check out the website below if you want to start cutting cost and help the environment as did I.

Isn’t  This a Great story.  I read this and could not believe it, I just purchased my own  you should check it out.

Let’s all Go Green,

Ron and Laura Perkins

The Spyware and Malware "Nightmare"

Is your PC feeling sluggish? Has your browser recently acquired a mysterious new toolbar? Are new programs showing up unexpectedly in your system tray? Do advertising windows pop up even when you're not browsing the Web? Have you discovered surprise 900-number charges on your phone bill?
All of these are telltale signs that your computer is beset with adware, spyware, or other malicious software you don't want and don't need. These programs often sneak onto your PC by piggybacking on a downloaded program, e-mail message, or Web site, Like viruses. Though not as dangerous as viruses, adware, spyware, and other unsolicited software can slow your PC, bog down your Internet connection, reduce your productivity, and jeopardize your personal privacy.
unwanted software can be avoided by being choosy about the free programs you download, and by understanding your browser's security settings. Removing adware and spyware can be tricky, but several free utilities detect and remove hundreds of known bugs.

How Did This Get Here?

Adware is any kind of software that, once installed on your PC, pops up browser windows containing advertisements. The software may also track your Web browsing (without attempting to identify you personally) and use the information to send targeted advertising related to your browsing habits. While this is fairly innocuous behavior, you are nevertheless paying for these ads to be displayed by donating your machine's processor time and your Internet connection's bandwidth.

Spyware is like addware, except that it has gone completely over to the dark side, scanning your hard drive for personal information or attempting to link your surfing habits to your name or e-mail address. Once spyware has discovered your e-mail address, an onslaught of spam can't be far behind. More insidious than either adware or spyware are dialers, which highjack your Internet connection and silently route you through toll numbers that can cost several dollars per minute. Dialers often piggyback on the porn spam that plagues most e-mail in-boxes. Simply previewing the e-mail message can, in some cases, install the dialer.

Most adware and spyware come bundled with popular free programs, notably the popular peer-to-peer file-sharing programs like Kazaa, IMesh, and BearShare. Installing one of these can dump dozens of additional programs on your PC. Unfortunately, the makers of the host programs try not to advertise their programs' hidden payloads. Reading the licensing agreement (carefully) during installation will often reveal embedded licenses for the piggybacking adware. Look for notorious adware and spyware names like CommonName, FavoriteMan, GAIN,, and "nCase." For an extensive catalog of the many varieties of adware and spyware currently in circulation, see the section on parasites at Andrew Clover's Web site.

Don't Let Adware or Spyware get you.

Ron and Laura Perkins
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Network Marketing Reality

It never ceases to amaze me how many people innetwork marketing deny reality, reality that’s as plain as the nose on their faces.
Can you see how this applies to YOUR choices in network marketing?

You KNOW, from the things that the company and its distributors say and do, what they’re really like when you first encounter them.
Do they appeal to fear of loss?
Are they manipulative or deceptive?
Do they gloss over the high group volume and rank requirements of the compensation plan?
Are their presentations reliant on powerful emotional appeals to selfishness, fear of loss, greed, laziness, ignorance or gullibility?
Do only a small number (usually less than 2% of the network) actually make good money?
Learn to do your homework. This is a business. Due diligence is essential. Don’t let your emotions lead you into denial.
You KNOW what it is you’re joining.
Don’t you?

To Your Great success

Ron and Laura Perkins

How to market without money

Many people market a home business with no money. If you have a lot of time on your hands, there are ways that you can market your home business online for free.

One way to earn money for free is through Project Payday, this is an affiliate program where all you need to do is refer people to the site for a way to earn money for free. What an Idea, Project Payday pays you every time a person puts there name and email address on their page to sign up for free. No one has to buy anything. They are paying you just for the referrals you send to them.

On the internet you can market your website, products and services to millions of potential customers for free.
There are hundreds of ways you could market your home business for free. Blogging is one of those ways, If I had to start all over again from the beginning, I would definitely concentrate on blogging. It is an excellent way to market your home business with no money, and you can setup a blog for free too.

Post a new article to your blog regularly and syndicate your content.
Post only unique articles, Using scraped and duplicate content will only hurt your online reputation and be penalized by the search engines.

Forums: Online forums are a great way to market your home business for free. Only post new reply's  when you can add some value to the discussion, do not post just because you can. For every reply you post, you will get a link back at your website. Try to post daily.

Article Writing: Articles are one of the absolute best ways to market your home business for free. It is also the most time consuming because you need to write articles that are interesting, unique and has a real value to the reader. If the article can provide a solution to a problem, even better!

When you start writing an article, make 2 different versions of it. Post one on your blog and submit one to the biggest article directories.
There are some guidelines to successful article marketing that you should know about. In my opinion the best article directories are Ezine articles, and

Use these ideas to market your home business with no money, and soon you will see visitors and sales. It is important to know that marketing is not a one-time thing, you need to do this daily, weekly and monthly.